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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

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I always thought Torchwood was a really juvenile show, all this violence and sex was so ridiculous all I could think was a bunch of 12 year old must be sitting in front of the tv, giggling because they're watching an 'adult' show witch boobs and cursing.
Except there weren't any boobs. Just about all the explicit nudity was male. There was plenty of fanservice for heterosexual women and gay men, but virtually none for people who'd rather look at female bodies.

Blamo wrote: View Post
Season 1 could be subtitled "Men Rule, Women Drool" given the majority of the seasons treatment of women. It's so bad the show actually felt openly misogynistic without having to read too deeply into it. I'm still not sure if that came about purely by accident... but even then it seems a stretch to say all those coincidences didn't add up to some deep seated misogyny.
I don't know where you get "misogyny" from it. Most of the creative staff of the show were gay men, so they were writing material that appealed to gay men, hence the heavy focus on male characters and male sexuality. There were a couple of lesbian scenes, a number of hetero scenes, but the women's bodies were never as exposed as the men's were. The women were less sexualized overall, which doesn't seem consistent with a charge of misogyny.
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