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Ok I have a question. Why do threads here in the Trek Tech area die after 2 days or something? Do people lose interest that quickly? It seems like on majority of the threads here, people post the first day and then once it drops below the area highlighted in blue ("new posts" it gets ignored...And the only way to fix this is to bump the thread.

The thing I like most about the Trek Tech forum is hearing people's theories and sharing what they know. Thats the whole point of this forum, right? Why is it that there is always AT LEAST 4 or 5 people viewing a thread at one time, yet no one posts? Why read the thread if you don't care to share your opinion? I can understand a thread not being seen if it was on page 2 or 3, but threads i'm talking about are right up at the top. I can also understand if someone is asking for an answer and people may not know the answer...but a lot of threads here are opinion or idea threads about neat subjects. I'd think real trekkies would LOVE to share their ideas about just about anything. I do, anyway.

I admit I don't post at every thread I read, but I try to share my opinion or idea whenever I have one. I also don't just read the posts up at the top highlighted in blue when other people post.

My point is I don't understand why so many threads get so many views yet so little posts.

Edit: Note there are 5 threads in plane view that have been last responded to by me...most of which a day or two ago
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