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Re: Did B'Elanna die forever in Faces?

DNA is a blueprint, not bricks and mortar.

If he had to add... Oh my.

I said stem sells earlier.

But I didn't really think about what I was saying.

He didn't have access to additional human or Klingon infants... Unless he copied the pattern and folded it over? But before he split them, he would have cloned dozens of baby B'Elanna's and harvested them for stem cells and other junk matter to bolster the two half patterns. Fuck it, all they needed was to increase the gain. The problem with transporters is that they move all your energy through space and put it back together into "you" on the other side. If it's the same pieces then it still has to be you. First off just because the Doctor put her back together with a transporter it doesn't mean that the Vidiiian took her apart with a transporter, with all it's safety features to make sure that you don't gain alien mass or lose your shin bones in transit. I'm assuming the nature of this unseen device is that once it had a pattern, it did not give a shit where the energy to remake the body was from, which is they had enough mass to make two bodies.

Teacake, do you like your women to A. Hide some where dark and cry about how pathetic they are, or B. To crow and yelp about how fantastic and perfect they are in bed?

Which one was the sexy one?

The Klingon Half was just using the mad scientist's' penis against him.

It's doubtful she would have had sex with him, B'Elanna just wanted him to untie her, but he didn't have to untie her to have sex with the klingon girl, but she could easily still have killed him if even her arms and legs were bound, which they were.

Her argument was that Klingon women are so constantly horney that she doesn't care what he's done to her as long as he takes him pants off.


Unseen device?

Maybe that anomaly from Deadlock is more common than we first assumed? Maybe it's a landmine type weapon used by the Vidiians to fuck up their prey, and double their take.
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