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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

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You are also forgetting that Sisko's mum was controlled by the Prophets and was forced into a relationship with Joseph Sisko thus creating Benjamin Sisko. Prophets having no knowledge of corporeal beings = No Sisko existing in the first place!
I'm not forgetting, I'm just contending that we don't know for sure that Sarah wasn't always Sisko's mother in all versions of the timeline. Maybe a woman named Sarah always hooked up with Joseph, had a baby and then thought better of it and ran. Maybe the Prophets thought, "Oh, here's our shot" and took over Sarah knowing that it was an easy get-out once the deed was done, and their aim was not so much to create Sisko altogether but just to instill a Prophets-sensitivity into the already created Sisko.

Or maybe they really did create him, just like they said, but...

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And all of this without altering anyone's perception of the timeline and keeping the timeline utterly seamless and continuous.
I guess this is the key point to this, IMO, because this is exactly what happens in "Accession" re the unfinished poem. I have to conclude that, yes, the Prophets are capable of doing all of that without utterly warping the timeline because that's just how they roll, given the example in "Accession." Akorem "had always" gone missing, until he reappeared in 2372 and Sisko convinced them to send him back, at which point he "had always" been there and finished his poem. And yet Kira remembers the old version, so the timeline had kinda-sorta been changed, but not completely.

Likewise Sisko "had always" been created by the Prophets, but only "after" they learned about his existence. I guess it's just one of those things I accept, and it makes sense in my head, even if I can't clearly explain to others why it makes sense to me.

Like in VOY "Time and Again," where Janeway creates the time explosion that destroys the planet, even though she would never have been there if the time explosion hadn't already happened. A weirdo time paradox that resolves itself at the point of the explosion. Sisko himself is a paradox that resolves itself at the point of "Emissary."

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