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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

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I always thought Torchwood was a really juvenile show, all this violence and sex was so ridiculous all I could think was a bunch of 12 year old must be sitting in front of the tv, giggling because they're watching an 'adult' show witch boobs and cursing. The only time Torchwood was good was Season 3, must have been accidental because after that it went back to being awful.

The worst part was that Torchwood never realized it was ridiculous, the actors played it completely serious and I'm sure the director's had curse counters and boobiemeters to make sure enough cursing and/or sex appeared in every episode so that the audience knows it's a serious show for adults with sex and stuff.

God, I hate that show (except season 3 and a few episodes of season 2), so much potential and almost all of it was wasted.
You're far from alone, most Doctor Who fans feel this way. Personally I can't even stand to look at John Barrowman a lot of the time. One of the most intolerable people on television.

I got very tired of RTD's obsession with camp by the end. Miracle Day is one of the laziest pieces of writing I've seen on TV for a long time which is a shame as it had so much potential.
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