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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

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Raaah! *shakes fist* You're still looking at it from your own linear perspective. Yes, the Akorem Laan incident appears to come first from our perspective, but not from theirs.
  1. They met Sisko and learned about the existence of corporeal entities and linear time.
  2. They saw that Sisko would be involved in events concerning the Dominion and the pagh-Wraiths.
  3. They saw that Sisko was not into the whole Emissary thing, so they went and got Akorem Laan to give Sisko a kick in the pants.
  4. They saw that Sisko needed a deeper connection to them, so they inserted themselves into the circumstances of his birth to create that connection retroactively.
You should also have added; because the Prophets met Sisko they discovered about Bajor and sent down the Orbs, which were already in the hands of the Cardassians (???). So in other words the Prophets have already foreseen this event, so they must have known about Sisko beforehand and so they must know about corporeal beings and linear time, and so all along were playing dumb with Sisko just so he could understand more about them and his role as Emissary.

I contend that the whole 'Sisko meets the Prophets so the Prophets created Sisko' is fallacy because Sisko plays an important role in the war between the Prophets and the Pah Wraiths. This war is the key to everything because without it the Prophets would never have set their eyes on Bajor, and Sisko would never have existed. So the Prophets (knowing their enemies were imprisoned and bound to a corporeal existence) would look to the future and see how this war plays out and would have seen a timeline (or more) involving Sisko.

You are also forgetting that Sisko's mum was controlled by the Prophets and was forced into a relationship with Joseph Sisko thus creating Benjamin Sisko. Prophets having no knowledge of corporeal beings = No Sisko existing in the first place!

According to your logic, then the moment the Prophets encountered Sisko and realised there were corporeal beings existing outside of their realm, is when...

(take a deep breathe)

The Prophets decided to banish their enemies (Pah Wraiths) to Bajor (in the Fire Caves) a few thousand years ago, send down the orbs and contact various Bajorans so as to create spiritual literature and a religion for Bajor to follow, plus send down a smattering of artefacts for corporeal beings to release the Pah Wraiths, then the Prophets see that their plan goes wrong and the Pah Wraiths are going to be set free by that nasty Kai Winn, so the Prophets go forwards in time and possess a human woman to mate with Joseph Sisko to create their beloved Emissary who will fix the mess they (Prophets) made in banishing the Pah Wraiths to the Fire Caves...

And all of this without altering anyone's perception of the timeline and keeping the timeline utterly seamless and continuous.

Now I ask of you, does that make any sense?

The bottom line is this. The Prophets banished the Pah Wraiths to Bajor and imprisoned them in the Fire Caves, now the Prophets could only have done this if they went down to Bajor to do the deed. And if they went down to Bajor they would have seen corporeal beings. But there's more...

If the Prophets know of only nonlinear time and were bound to that existence, how come they decided to venture out into the corporeal realm to imprison their enemies? Because they knew about linear time and corporeal beings all along. And just because the Prophets can choose to see the past, present and future, so they can pick one point in this infinite timeline (and its various threads) and see where it leads to in a LINEAR continuous fashion, or they go backwards to reach a different point and a different present/past/future.

Remember nonlinearity has both linear and nonlinear components.
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