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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I am in the final stages of Psychonauts. I came to this rather late. I tried the demo years ago, wrote it off as a platformer (not my sort of game) with an interesting art style and didn't play it again.

I picked it up in a Humble Bundle and just as I did with Bastion, which was also in that Bundle (best Bundle ever!), found that my first impressions were way off.

Yes, it's a platformer, but it's an incredibly inventive, clever, surprising, touching and funny platformer. The art, dialogue and remarkable settings (from a board game to a Japanese horror film spoof to a conspiracy theorist's mind) make for an amazing experience. It's also possible to find a heck of a lot of extras if you go off the beaten path - all sorts of bonus cutscenes, extra dialogue and collectable objects.

The only downside is the sharp leap in difficulty in the final stages. After nearly being driven mad by the accursed confusion rats, now the infamous Meat Circus level is certain to result in a smashed controller - and this is apparently after it was made a lot easier in a patch!

Still well and truly worth it overall, even for someone who normally wouldn't play a platformer.
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