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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

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And many other people wouldn't have had the "excellent work history" you possessed, perhaps because they hadn't been able to reliably find work before then? If you were able to "deliberately" build up a great record, then you were doing rather well, relatively speaking. And good for you, of course.
I wonder how her built her "excellent work history" if she said that she it was her first job and she had "no experience" in the post before.

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A situation wherein people feel that their best option for eventual self-sufficiency is joining the military and therefore legally surrendering much of their initiative and freedom strikes me as somewhat twisted reasoning, and essentially exploitative. Serve the government and then you'll get the ability to build a life. Somehow I don't think that's how its supposed to work.
Especially when she always declared that "government is the problem", that it can't fix anything, and we'd all do better in libertarian paradise?

Isn't it amazing how all her stories fit the discussion at hand? And how the details keep changing to keep them relevant? I'm not saying she's making up those stories, but I'm not sure they are really really true, you know.
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