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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

^^ Yeah, they are very different. For one thing, in the book, Discovery heads to Saturn.

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Hasn't Tom Hanks wanted to make film versions of 3001 and/or 2061 for awhile now?
That's true, but he's too old to play Poole now. The guy who plays McCoy in nuTrek would be a better choice.

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It's kind of amazing, in the current social climate, to think that there's a big-budget, epic movie like this that can only be best appreciated on the big screen-- and it has absolutely no violence or corruption whatsoever.
Absolutely no violence?
Okay, there's some stylized anthropoid violence at the beginning, set to classical music, and Frank Poole getting run over by a pod, mostly off-screen. Let's say practically no violence. Certainly nothing to satisfy the bloodlust of the contemporary audience.
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