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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

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Of course they were pretending, since at the very least the Prophets encountered Akorem Laan (that famous Bajoran Prophet) about two hundred years before Sisko came to DS9. And don't tell me Akorem Laan was never with the Prophets because it was clearly stated in Accession that Laan went missing in the Denorios Belt. Thus the Prophets had encountered a corporeal being before Sisko
Raaah! *shakes fist* You're still looking at it from your own linear perspective. Yes, the Akorem Laan incident appears to come first from our perspective, but not from theirs.
  1. They met Sisko and learned about the existence of corporeal entities and linear time.
  2. They saw that Sisko would be involved in events concerning the Dominion and the pagh-Wraiths.
  3. They saw that Sisko was not into the whole Emissary thing, so they went and got Akorem Laan to give Sisko a kick in the pants.
  4. They saw that Sisko needed a deeper connection to them, so they inserted themselves into the circumstances of his birth to create that connection retroactively.
Think of it like the whole River Song thing from Doctor Who. Or indeed any Doctor Who situation. Just because things appear to happen in a certain order to outside observers, doesn't mean they actually happened in that order to the people involved.

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