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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Shatner owned a small percentage (5%?) of TOS
This is the very first I have ever heard of this. Are you sure?
According to David Alexander's biography of Gene Roddenberry, Shatner had a few percentage points of the profits on the series. Paramount eventually began paying him those points in the 1980s, after he filed a lawsuit against the studio (this was perhaps only threatened; I would have to consult the book to be sure).

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I'm think it's in Takei's book that he says Shatner kept tanking takes and eventually Meyer said "Let's move on".

Personally, I find it just as likely that Meyer was choosing to save taking Shatner to task over his "condo scenes" rather than belabor this minor it is that Takei is lying.
So an early draft of the Star Trek II script. Is it actual shooting script? If not, then Shatner didn't tank the line.
The line was shot. I've seen a workprint of the film at UCLA, which includes this short scene, and Shatner flubs the take.

(Of course, it's a good thing Sulu wasn't promoted. If he was, he'd probably have departed the series.)

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I dunno if The Andy Griffith Show can really be considered a spin-off from the Danny Thomas Show, since the episode in question was what they called a "backdoor pilot", much like Assignment: Earth was on Star Trek.
Mork and Mindy was also the result of a "backdoor pilot" on Happy Days, I believe.
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