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Re: Did The Prophets Know About Sisko Before Emissary?

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See? The whole "they knew they had to create me after they met me" thing makes no sense.
It makes no sense to YOU, but that's because you are a linear being with linear time.
I've got to go with R. Star here, the Prophets can do many things with time, but for them to meet someone they have not met and go back in time to create them? No amount of temporal tinkering can cause that, not even temporal loops because Sisko should not have existed in the first place.

Maybe, just maybe, what Sisko said might have been a reference to how he became half a Prophet in that originally he was just human. Then the Prophets went back in time to change this, but again this doesn't make any sense either because Sisko's actual mother was forced against her will to mate with Joseph. So again, the Prophets must have had a plan before and all this 'Sisko meets the Prophets then they created him' hyperbole is just that.

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A far more simpler explanation is that the Prophets were pretending to not understand linear time (or corporeal time or whatever) just so Sisko could understand a little about them.
I reject that theory, because we have no proof that the prophets were "pretending" anything. A far simpler explanation is to take what they say at face value, and simply believe that they are capable of these things.
Of course they were pretending, since at the very least the Prophets encountered Akorem Laan (that famous Bajoran Prophet) about two hundred years before Sisko came to DS9. And don't tell me Akorem Laan was never with the Prophets because it was clearly stated in Accession that Laan went missing in the Denorios Belt. Thus the Prophets had encountered a corporeal being before Sisko, again the Prophets know very much about corporeal time since they've been meddling with it in their efforts to keep the Pah Wraiths at bay.

How do you think the Pah Wraiths were imprisoned on Bajor? By the Prophets going down to Bajor and literally forcing the Pah Wraiths into the Fire Caves. Why did the Prophets send down various prophecies to Bajor which came true? Because the Prophets understood corporeal existence and linear time. And what about the Reckoning? Here was an event foretold in Bajoran religious scriptures for many hundreds of years, and artefacts pertaining to the Reckoning lying around for thousands of years. Why? Because the Prophets placed such artefacts there as one means of trying to end the war between themselves and the Pah Wraiths.

Over the course of DS9, the evidence mounted that the Prophets actively engaged in the corporeal universe well before Sisko was even born (or even considered by the Prophets). So for the Prophets to be completely confused by Sisko's nature in the light of this only makes sense if they were acting dumb so that as Sisko explained himself, Sisko would start to grasp just a little bit about the nature of the Prophets. And it's clever because the Prophets could have told Sisko everything but they didn't, they gradually moulded Sisko into being their Emissary.

Sisko's first encounter with the Prophets was elaborate and cleverly staged by these non-linear beings, because they had a plan with Sisko all along, he was an instrument to be used against the Pah Wraiths but the Prophets wanted Sisko to be made gradually aware of this.
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