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Re: Space Station K-7

At the Mandel size, the malls and parklands of the station are already impressively big; the latter especially would be an important step up from what starships can offer, and sufficient for making visiting crews happy.

It's the general logistics aspect of the station that prompts some questions. DS9 was nicely "overengineered" for the role of commerce hub - we got the impression the some 300 crew and all the visitors and cargo were rattling inside the gutted refinery, and there might have been entire "haunted sectors" to the installation where nobody really went. But there are no cargo bays in evidence in Mandel's K-7, just those "raw materials" tanks in the booms.

Yet the temporary storage of all that grain doesn't seem to be outside the parameters of the station: the grain silos even appear designed for the purpose (assuming a cart of some sort will slide in place beneath those hatches normally, and the operator won't volunteer to stand where Kirk stood!)...

Timo Saloniemi
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