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Evolutionary biology questions...seems things have changed in 20 years

When I was younger, evolutionary biology, particularly to do with human evolution, was one of my absolute favorite things to read about, and I still like to try to keep up with new discoveries as they come out.

Unfortunately, though, it seems certain changes in the field (and in biology/evolution in general) seem to have caught me unawares.

So I have two questions, if you could please bear with me and explain in fairly simple terms, to get back up to date:

1) Why are we suddenly discussing "hominins" instead of "hominids"?

2) What is a clade? How does this differ from a family, phylum, etc.? Why is it important? This was not taught in biology when I was coming up. Does the whole Kingdom/Phylum/etc./etc./etc. thing not apply anymore?
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