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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

Oh for God's sake. I want to work because it's fulfilling. It's something to do with myself that helps me not go mad at the one end, and provides me a glimpse of perspective of what it's all about at the other. Now, I don't get that much from my job. I do get it from there, but I also get it from drawing, from interacting with friends, from spending time with family. All require effort. In a better world, I'd be better matched with a career that makes the most of this want of mine to work. Again, I don't want to work for the money itself necessarily (though it's a big part of it most of the time when) and I haven't mentioned any ego-stroking feelings of nobility working provides me. It's to maintain sanity and to touch some glimpse of meaning and achievement.

And guess what, I'm willing to bet that EVERYONE no matter how lazy or jaded feels that to some degree. The glory of the Federation economy is that it's set up to make the most of everybody's that. Of course there's still ownership of things and some sort of measurement units of work (money) but you're not thinking about them in the same way we do today. 1) because it's the actual love/need for money that's being discussed in these threads, and most people don't have either in the Federation (love of because that's pointless unless you're like Vash and it's just a game to you; need for because technology provides everything cheaply), and 2), considering those units without love/need for them is like thinking about how many watts of electricity we use today: yeah the info's in your electric bill but you don't care about IT, you care about how MUCH the bill is in dollars.
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