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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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But in Johnson's defense, he was a major character in a true ensemble, who got a lot of important scenes. Many of the episodes depended on his character. In contrast, Sulu was MIA for a lot of second season episodes and the only real impact was felt by Walter Koenig who suddenly had more to do. So, yeah, Johnson had reason to complain. Considering how many other people sat in the helmsman's seat and got just as many lines, Takei should whine less.
Well, when the original intro was done no one knew how it would all go, as far as cast members and storylines, etc. The very fact that as the series progressed Johnson did get plenty of meaty screen time makes it odd, to say the least, that he would come along years later and be complaining about that one little 'slight' at the beginning. Seems like the very good involvement that they gave him over time should have very nicely smoothed that over. Oh well....
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