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Re: What are your plans for this year?

Kestra wrote: View Post
Finish my BA. That's it right now. All other long term plans have been thrown out the window. I'll likely move back to IL and eventually apply for a masters while working, but that's all a bit nebulous. I just want to get through the year and be a more whole person at the end of it.
What are you studying? I wish I had experienced more of Chicago while I was there.

lurok wrote: View Post
* finish Atlas Shrugged (already failed that one)
* Write something (better than Atlas Shrugged hopefully)
* be a nicer person
Haha, I read that in High School. Reading Randian ideas wrapped up in subpar science fiction is about equal with "root canal" and "emergency appendectomy" on my wishlist. If you're up to writing, I've found NanoWriMo and the summer equivalent to be instrumental motivators in moving along my fiction-writing hobby. Great community!

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
This year I'll try, probably for the last time, to find love and build a lasting relationship.

And I have to finish this novel I'm writing, but that's going to be comparatively simpler.
I hear ya. Just got out of a 2 year relationship, had a 4 year relationship in high school, a broken engagement out of college... I'm so burned out... but seems to come with my inability to stay in one place for very long. Good luck, man!

Emher wrote: View Post
First off, virtual five on meeting the President. Awesome.
I'll have to send you a picture . Great experience. He came by headquarters the day after the election to meet campaign staff.

As for me...aside from health stuff, which is boring but necessary, the biggest thing I know will happen this year is I'll meet my sister's husband for the first time when he gets here from Japan in April. They got married Christmas day in japan, and while I've spoken to the guy on Skype, haven't actually met him. Should be interesting since while he technically is older then me, I am his senior according to Japanese custom. > : D
You are the sempai! Good position to be in . How is Japan treating you? I left in August for good.

Otherwise, me and a friend are going to try and go to New York for abut a week in either September or October. We've talked about going for a long time. Like, before 9/11 long, but now we've decided to actually do it if we just have the cash (read: I have the cash). Know there are a bunch of you NY, would love to meet up when we get there.
I'll be in New York or D.C. -- keep me in the loop, easy commute!
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