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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Lyndsay Ballard, Yareena, Vantika.
Okay. I'll grant the first and third, but Yareena doesn't really count, since she was only dead by the standards of Ligonian medicine; she was easily revivable by the standards of Federation medicine. Plenty of people today in real life can be revived within minutes of clinical death, so it doesn't count as something extraordinary or science-fictional. Resuscitation is not resurrection.

But really, Spock, Data and Janeway are in a category of their own in terms of returns (the latter two in particular), due to the extraordinary circumstances involved. Data's case is unique in-universe; basically no one else had a back-up set of memories around, along with the ability to transfer them to a new body.
But isn't that essentially what Spock did in TWOK? Transfer a backup of his consciousness into McCoy?

Not to mention Voyager's EMH; we saw in "Living Witness" that he has a sentient backup, though the absence of another backup in later episodes is hard to reconcile.
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