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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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StF, really? What did you like about it so much? Most people on here didn't like it. I tried to read it a few months ago, and lost interest after a couple of chapters. I didn't hate it like a lot of people on here did, but I just found myself losing interest, and since I have a crap load of other unread books I stopped and moved on to other stuff.
Well, it wasn't perfect, certainly, but I really enjoyed the take on the Gorn, their pathological fear of mammals, the potential terraforming tech, and the first contact scenario. In general, I enjoy the Titan's crew. The downside was a lot of the dialogue, but I've had that problem with Trek lit in general for quite a while(and Indistinguishable from Magic is continuing that trend, sadly).

In the case of Seize the Fire, it's more a matter of simply liking it better than the other three initial Typhon Pact books. Zero Sum Game is ultimately the better written book, but I really don't enjoy Bashir, Ezri or Sarina at all, and don't really care about the Breen. Rough Beasts of Empire was like reading two different books, I really enjoyed Spock's story, but couldn't wait to get through the Sisko chapters, and I can't say I'm really keen on the novelverse's interpretation of the Tzenkethi. Just not to my taste. And then Paths of Disharmony, I liked to a degree. I like Shar, and enjoyed certain elements of the book, but overall, it just didn't click for me. So, yeah, Seize the Fire seemed to be the one I got the most out of, that's all.
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