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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“The Hybrids and Centurions have calmed back down,” reported the Two, after more than two and a half hours had passed. “The Resurrection Ship should be back on-line within the next five minutes.”

“Finally,” said One as he threw his hands up into the air. “What triggered this?” he asked.
Three and Five exchanged a look and then Five bowed slightly. Three turned to One, “The details are technical in nature and will take too long to explain. However, there is good news—we have run simulations and do not believe that this can be duplicated. The key to the Colonials managing to overload our networks was in the massive number of simultaneous casualties—we have found references to some studies on the possibility of such by the Fleet after the First War,” she said.

“How massive? We know that the destruction of a single Basestar is not enough? Two? Three?” asked the One.

“No. A truly massive number of Cylons must be affected—and at the virtually the same moment. Our simulation seems to indicate the lower range where this neural cascade can be triggered is around a quarter of a million Cylons—fifty Basestars with normal complements. Even better, for our purposes, the only human-form Cylons affected directly by this were those interfaced with the ship itself. We, of course, are still vulnerable if the Resurrection Ship is overloaded again—and that problem is not one we anticipated. Ten thousand is the largest number of simultaneous downloads that the Buffer can handle at this point in time.”

One breathed a sigh of relief, along with the other models. “That has already been corrected—I have added coding to ensure that human-form Cylons such as ourselves have priority if this happens again,” he paused. “And this time, we will take no chances. All Basestars are to load nuclear ordnance to ensure that this Battlestar is eliminated.”

“We have enough for only four or five full salvoes, One,” cautioned Four. “Our stockpiles were depleted in the attack, and production has not been a priority.”

“Change the priorities—I want every Basestar armed with nuclear munitions from now on,” One answered. Although several of the Cylons looked away, none disagreed. “Did our dear sisters Boomer and Caprica Six survive the download?” he asked.

“No,” said Two. “They were both lost to us.”

“Well, that is a pity,” One said in a voice that bordered on sarcastic—but since that was his normal voice none questioned it. “I want three Basestars at every world in the Colonies—perhaps we did not take too long after all,” One mused as the red lights on the streaming fountain of the control system shifted to green. “Ah, we are good. JUMP!” he commanded the Hybrid—and the Hybrid complied.
It turned out, however, that they were indeed too late to catch the Colonials.

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