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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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^ Not intending to demean the later series, but I do think TOS tended to more often demand more of the viewer in terms of thinking for themselves and "filling in the blanks," as it were, while the later series tended to spell everything out. I can imagine the same episode redone for TNG (with apologies to CoveTom for the stolen dialog ):


WESLEY: "I don't understand Dr. Lester's last statement...about living as a woman being worse than death."

WORF: "Dr. Lester is batshit crazy."

BEVERLY: "She sees herself and her career as an utter failure."

DEANNA: "Rather than accepting responsibility for that, she blames it on some sort of inherent bias against women in Starfleet."

GEORDI: "She's looking for an excuse."

PICARD: "I don't take it as a factual statement about 23rd century attitudes concerning women. 20th century, maybe--"

RIKER: "20th century? Those poor, primitive people. I'm surprised they managed to survive their own ignorance."

PICARD: "Yes, quite, Number One. Anyway, I take it as her attempting to rationalize her situation using whatever excuse she can find."
Wesley: "So Starfleet DID allow women to be captains in Kirk's time?"

(Awkward silence)
TROI: "My great grandmother served as a First Officer in Starfleet. First Officers go on to be Captains. Present company excluded, Will."
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