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Well, with news and promotion for the new Trek film finally starting to amp up, I thought this month's challenge should revolve around it somehow. I am one of those many people who relatively enjoyed the new take on our beloved series but also share a common complaint...the use of a VERY recognizable brewery for the Engineering set. It took me right out of the movie in each of it's scenes.

So, my challenge to you is design what you'd consider to be a proper looking Engineering Section for the new JJprise. Keep in mind the aesthetics used in the 2009 film but design with a true Trek fan flair. Your submission could be a simple pencil sketch, blueprint, or just a certain camera view. Would you use parts of the brewery set? Would you return to the days of a single warp core? A gritty, mechanical look? Or maybe a highly polished one? I'd love to see what the fans here would do if they had been the set designer in 2009. Good luck and have fun.

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