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Robert T Hawke
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of peace, and through it I’ve fought countless battles. I’ve devoted myself to seeking unity, and from it I found suspicion, discord, and strife. I look towards a prosperous future but conflict looms on the horizon. I am Commander Jaxcen Elhaym. I command the starship

Romulans struggle to reassert control over their empire. Secretly the Gorn rouse ambitious Klingon houses to muster their fleets for a grab of vulnerable Romulan holdings. One man—one prisoner, far from home—holds the key to diffuse the situation. To avert catastrophe we have earned the ire of our enemies and even our own allies. And it has cost us our captain. In his stead I have taken up Excalibur to forge a new future, to bring back peace and cooperation to a volatile and untrusting galaxy. To those who would stand in our way: we are out here and we are ready.

Excalibur is a Star Trek themed free-form play-by-forum simulation assigned along the neutral zone in the prime universe following the destruction of Romulus. We require defenders of peace and champions of freedom in these tumultuous times in the aftermath of Hobus. Answer the call of destiny, join us today!

Urgently needed personnel:
  • Flight Control
  • Security & Tactical
  • Operations
  • Sciences
  • Medical & Counseling
  • And more…
Department Head positions are unavailable; new players will have to earn these. Prove yourself through initiative and reliability and the post could be yours!

The Plot unfolds. Destiny awaits. The Adventure is only beginning!
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