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Re: Worst Voyager race: Farengi

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I have forgotten Inside Man. I can't remember a thing about it

False Profits I like just fine. I am always impressed by how profit is so deeply critical to Ferengi beliefs and identity that they are willing to give up everything they ever knew just to amass profit in a place they can't spend it. Just to sit on it. Never see Ferenginar again or their families but to be HAPPY, super super happy because they have profit. They don't even get to gloat about it to other people.

Not too impressed with the dumbass star trek villagers but they are in every series, always the same.
I like it too.
the Ferengi remind me of our society and to show what type of people Bernie Maddox and those that ran Enron are really like.

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In Voyager all we get is. "We must have more PROFIT! So we can get LOBE ENHANCEMENTS!"
Keeping up with the Kardashians?
Jersey Shore?
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.
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