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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Just thought I'd chip in on the idea TNG is somehow more popular in the UK as postulated in this thread. Having lived here all my life, I couldn't disagree more. IMHO, TOS occupies exactly the same awareness/penetration in UK popular culture as US posters have alluded to in their country.
Of course that's true.

TOS is the core of Star Trek, and the Franchise will always return to those characters and that setting.

That's just the truth. It's the way that it is. There is no more "forward evolution" going on than with Sherlock Holmes, just variation for the sake of attracting the attention of each new generation through novelty.

There have been an awful lot of Frankenstein and Dracula movies made over the last century. A lot of sequels, reworkings, shifts in characters and setting and formula have been done, and depending on the intent and skills and resources of the film makers those movies have ranged from brilliant to unwatchable to just silly and fun.

Somehow, at the end of the day they always come back around to Doctor Frankenstein stitching together corpses in his laboratory and the Count setting out for England from his family home in Transylvania, both in some earlier time than ours.
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