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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

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I loved what Ron did on BSG, and he was the biggest part of why DS9 was the best of Trek. I'd say his view of Voyagers issues was pretty spot on.

I thought Caprica stank though...
I've always seen this as Moore not having one original creative idea in his head. He took the ideas of two already existing shows and added despair instead of hope. How hard is too look at two shows in retrospect, combine and redo them? More than half the work is already done for him. Hell, we all do it here. I wouldn't be surprised if he was still tuning in to Voyager every week just to take ideas and re-write it for BSG.
If that's what it takes, we're all candidates for Ron Moore's job. Anyone of us then could write for TV.
Oh c'mon, it takes HUGE balls today, in this enviroment, to do a Sci-Fi TV show and say "*** did it"*, and point all the way back to the pilot.

Basically giving the finger to everyone along the way who was trying to technobabble an explanation.

*(Arming shields for "It doesn't take balls to write a Deus Ex Machina")
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