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Re: Harrison in the Prime Universe

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Problem is, there is divergence going back before 2063. According to Enterprise's two-parter, Earth literature is different between the two universes, the Prime's literature is "soft and weak" compared to the MU's. Except for Shakespeare, he's the same in both universes. There's a line stating the Terran Empire had already been around "for centuries."

I believe that what you're referring to there is from Diane Duane's TNG novel, 'Dark Mirror'. It's been years since I've read it, but I don't think this came from ENT's two-parter, as I've seen that about ten times.
As mentioned above, Dr. Phlox makes that comment about Earth literature to T'Pol in PArt 2. They're in the Defiant's mess hall.

Diane Duane's Dark Mirror novel features a Shakespeare play which is very different from the actual version.
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