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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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If a new crew could take off and be a phenomenon in their own right then it could happen again. There are a whole generation of Trek fans who don't give a fuck about Kirk and Spock, yet could give you all the specs of the Enterprise-D.
I think you'll find those tech-heads who could give you the E-D's specs are a fringe element of a fringe fandom. That's why they stopped doing technical manuals in the mid-90's.

If I were in charge I'd have had a new crew and new ship. Having an interesting story is way more important than cosy nostalgia for misty-eyed 40+ year olds.
New ship/crew has been done again and again, no doubt Rick Berman told the studio he could capture TNG's lightning in a bottle again - but you've already seen the ratings charts, the generic setting of Trek with a new ship/crew is no longer profitable. The Next Gen characters were no longer profitable when Nemesis came along. The plans for the animated series Star Trek: Final Frontier (another new ship/new crew a few hundred years after TNG) quietly died.

And suggesting nuTrek is just "cosy nostalgia for misty-eyed 40-year-olds" is facepalm-worthy. Especially since I believe it was you complaining about the NOT YOUR FATHER'S STAR TREK advertising slogan earlier in this thread?
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