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Re: Rank the Doctors

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Hahahaha, all this is so 100% true. Most my my friends feel sick if I even mention the Tennant era. I'm not exactly nostalgic for the days of Age of Steel and Fear Her.

While generally, our opinions pretty much seem to be on the same track, here we differ. I much prefer the RTD/Tennant era over the current Moffat/Smith period of The Doctor. As I mentioned earlier, Smith was such a spaz when he first appeared that I literally had to force myself to sit through the first season of his portrayal. Truthfully, if it hadn't been for River, Amy and Rory, I'd've bailed on the show for good.

Just my .02 worth. It just goes to show that that there's no universal contant when it comes to fans of ANY show. And it would be a very boring world if we all thought the same thing.

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