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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

TNG S1 is obviously shit but S3-S5 perfects the formula started by TOS as far as I'm concerned. Then DS9 took things even further and became the best Trek.

We've been taking steps back ever since until now we're stuck with Earth Trek II: Wrath of Cumberbatch. It might be a fun, frothy, forgettable movie but we really should be getting better Trek than this.

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No one here has acted like TNG was watched by five people, it was an unqualified hit from the first episode here in the States.

No, but they have eaten up JJ Abrams' bullshit about Star Trek only connecting with audiences when it had Kirk and Spock in it. A poster even went on to call the 25 seasons of modern Trek an unsuccessful disaster.

If a new crew could take off and be a phenomenon in their own right then it could happen again. There are a whole generation of Trek fans who don't give a fuck about Kirk and Spock, yet could give you all the specs of the Enterprise-D.

If I were in charge I'd have had a new crew and new ship. Having an interesting story is way more important than cosy nostalgia for misty-eyed 40+ year olds.
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