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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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It's not a British or age thing. Rest assured.
Then why are people in this thread acting like TNG is some show that 5 people even remember?

TNG to me is obviously the more popular show with the younger generation the movie is aimed at (NONE of my friends have ever seen an episode of TOS!). It can't even be argued that TOS is more liked by the public. William Shatner is a total joke in popular culture whereas Patrick Stewart is one of the most respected actors in the world.

People will still be fondly recalling Stewart as Picard when Chris Pine's frat boy antics are long forgotten.
It simply might be more popular in Britain because the series lead is a British actor who ended up being knighted...

No one here has acted like TNG was watched by five people, it was an unqualified hit from the first episode here in the States. But strip syndication hasn't been kind to it or the other Modern Trek series with only TNG getting any regular airplay and that is only on BBC America.

As far as how popular it is in Europe, I'm not sure it matters as two-thirds of the gross of the movies is generated in the States. Whether TOS or TNG, the majority of the money these movies make is here and here TOS is a pop-culture icon.
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