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Re: What are your plans for this year?

First off, virtual five on meeting the President. Awesome.

As for me...aside from health stuff, which is boring but necessary, the biggest thing I know will happen this year is I'll meet my sister's husband for the first time when he gets here from Japan in April. They got married Christmas day in japan, and while I've spoken to the guy on Skype, haven't actually met him. Should be interesting since while he technically is older then me, I am his senior according to Japanese custom. > : D

Otherwise, me and a friend are going to try and go to New York for abut a week in either September or October. We've talked about going for a long time. Like, before 9/11 long, but now we've decided to actually do it if we just have the cash (read: I have the cash). Know there are a bunch of you NY, would love to meet up when we get there.

Other then that...some cool movies coming out. About it really.
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