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Re: Jazz music and tough guy fiction

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
It's a cheap and easy way to indicate that a character is more sophisticated than he appears, without resorting to opera or abstract art, things that may be perceived as lessening his "though guy" aura.
Don't know that I'de call it "cheap", but I agree that having the tough guy like jazz is meant to convey to the audience that the character has a certain sophistication. It also allows the character the ability to maintain an aura of "coolness".

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
Here's a neat dictionary of jazz age slang, which sounds like every detective cliche ever used in hard-boiled detective novels
I've done a lot of listening to and reading about jazz and it's history and that is the strangest list of so called "jazz slang", I've ever seen. I didn't even see the word "cat" listed under the "C" category. Weird list.
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