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Re: Did B'Elanna die forever in Faces?

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Also, isn't it a little weird that the Vidian phage was cured in a throwaway line in Think Tank?
KURROS: The mind of mathematician and the soul of an artist. I'm afraid he'd much rather be modelling a fractal sculpture than analysing the data of our latest astronomical scan. And now you have met us all. A small group of minds, but we have helped hundreds of clients. We turned the tide in the war between the Bara Plenum and the Motali Empire. Re-ignited the red giants of the Zai Cluster. Just recently, we found a cure for the Vidiian phage.
JANEWAY: The Vidiians?
KURROS: You would hardly recognise them now. Just last month we helped retrieve a Lyridian child's runaway pet. A subspace mesomorph, I might add. We had to invent a whole new scanning technology just to find it.
JANEWAY: And what did you ask for as compensation?
I always took that line "you would hardly recognize them now" as very sinister.

Maybe they cured the phage, but at what cost and with what consequences?

If cured wasn't an outright euphemism for genocide, they could now be semi sentient goo, or had their brains digitized and now they all live as holograms and robots.

And who says that the Vidians asked for a cure for the plhage and not the dozens of worlds that had been being pillaged by their organ-harvesting privateers? If so, then certainly the success criteria for te assignment didn't have to favour well for the Vidiians perception of a fine quality of life after the fact.
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