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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"I have to say, this take on the hangar deck is fundamentally altering my take on the space. I think we may be edging up to a definitive structure, at least in my personal canon."
Unfortunately, it is not altering my take on the space, as - from a VFX production point of view - the only way to shoot and give audiences the "big picture" of the shuttlebay was to remove the 'back wall' of the shuttlebay miniature (which I feel should be there from an "in-universe" point of view).

Of course, as you put it so concise and eloquently, the "Thermian" approach Blssdwlf advocates will treat the footage as authentic while in contrast a "Brandon" approach would consider such "evil" production necessities accordingly (same applies for the observation corridor from "The Conscience of the King" - unlike these awful visual distortions in "2001-A Space Odyssey" I never noticed that something might be 'wrong' with this corridor ).

Since you asked, I revised my deck plans and started revision with the H or Hangar Deck (post # 66):

(Last night I had managed to add the deck illustration to the bulk of text but apparently one of the administrators didn't like that. In case you'd like to comment I'd be grateful if someone could add the illustration in a Trek BBS compliant format in a reply. Thanx!)

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