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Re: Merlin's Series Finale

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There wasn't any suicide. Or am I being dense?
They chose to finish the show of their own accord, which was their choice. Following the metaphor, they had a non resuscitation order and then resisted unwanted and uncalled for cpr, because the cast turned down season 6.

Rather then a suit walking in and saying you're all fired, we hate you, sod off, which would be murder.

I wish I knew who the hell stole my Camelot 3000?

It's not that they really really stole it.

They borrowed it, then put it under something and it just became lost. Out of sight out of mind, and even if they did realize that they had it, and how miffed I am after 15 years, they still wouldn't give it back until after they read it which they can't until after they found it... I hate my friends.
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