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I love 2061,and 3001 was good, if a little disappointing (in Clarke terms, anyway). But I don't know if 2061 would make a good movie on its own. Too esoteric. 3001 would be great, though.
I liked 2061 better than 2010, as a book. Maybe what took me out of 2010 was the continued references to the Soviets. What I liked about 2061 is that we actually get to "see" some pretty exotic science fiction locations... Halley's Comet, Europa, Ganymede. Plus it would be interesting to see a modern CGI depiction of our solar system with the Lucifer sun (as well as whatever gravity effects that would cause, altered orbits of the planets based on the binary star system, etc).

From a science fiction perspective, 2061 was chock full of interesting ideas beyond a killer psycho computer and menacing obelisks.
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