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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Anyone bump into any Standard Definition moments in Season 2 yet? I think I've stumbled across some in the Samaritan Snare when Troi enters the bridge to warn the crew, and some of the view screen's footage of the Pakleds.
Someone mentioned the test-screen images in Schizoid Man, and it is quite blurry, but we haven't had anything confirmed yet.
I watched Schizoid the other night, and it definitely looked SD to me. I think instead of re-editing and compositing all the original shots (some of them might be unavailable, like the shots from the movies), they just composited the original SD insert.
The shot in "Samaritan Snare" when Troi enters the bridge is not SD, it's HD... but it's another anamorphically lensed shot that was filmed in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio and then pan & scanned in post to transform it into a moving shot. As we know, even CBS-Digital couldn't make those look good in season one because they didn't scan those particular elements in 4K first before they zoomed in on them and panned across them.

The test-screen images in "The Schizoid Man" on the other hand are, in fact, upconverted SD... just like Geordi's VISOR shots in "Heart of Glory" where CBS-Digital just decided to upconvert the shots and composite them into the HD element of the viewscreen, rather than recreate the effect. HTV-Illuminate obviously decided to do the same thing in "The Schizoid Man."

CBS-Digital left one fleeting shot of John de Lancie in SD during Riker's orientation on the battle bridge in "Encounter at Farpoint" -- it's when de Lancie says, "Go Back, or thou shall most certainly die."
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