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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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It's not a British or age thing. Rest assured.
Then why are people in this thread acting like TNG is some show that 5 people even remember?
But who's acting like that? No one - you made it up.

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TNG to me is obviously the more popular show with the younger generation the movie is aimed at
The operative words here are the two which I've placed in bold. The other words are subsidiary to them and may mean little or nothing to anyone who is not you.

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(NONE of my friends have ever seen an episode of TOS!).
Okay. And?

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It can't even be argued that TOS is liked more by the public.
What was being argued was that more people were likely to know who Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock were, regardless of whether they'd ever actually watched that or any Star Trek series. Moving the goalposts is just moving the goalposts and scores no point.

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William Shatner is a total joke in popular culture...
That's sure telling 'em.

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... whereas Patrick Stewart is one of the most respected actors in the world.
No - he's not, really. He's not bad, by any means, but there are actors whose standing in the profession is far greater than Stewart's; his "most respected" status is limited more to genre fans - for TNG primarily, but also those who liked the X-Men movies, Excalibur, the 1984 Dune, Lifeforce, etc.

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People will still be fondly recalling Stewart as Picard when Chris Pine's frat boy antics are long forgotten.
You probably would have done better to stop digging before taking this sort of silly prefab slap, but eh - good thing no one's required to take any of it very seriously.
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