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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

I agree with you that there are people out there who want the best jobs handed to them without having to earn them.

But unfortunately, among the people who are working hard, there are many forces other than just merit that determine your fate. Some people were never given access to education, some people had to take care of their families and didn't have an opportunity to become educated. Some people just don't have the social skills to advertise their merits. And, success begets success, failure begets failure. The easiest way to get a good job is to already have a good job. One failure or one gap on your resume will brand you forever.

It's also heavily implied in this episode that anybody found without means to provide for themselves is immediately shipped into the districts without recourse or path to release.

There's a difference between saying 'Hard work should be rewarded, jobs should not be handed on a silver platter' and saying 'Maybe we shouldn't treat people as subhuman because they're having a bad run.'

The majority of the 'rich' are not that way because they work particularly hard. Wealth tends to generate more wealth, little effort involved. The notion that the rich are rich because they deserve it is often a way of justifying privilege and inequality. Pointing at a self made milionnaire (and coincidentally a great employer) like Richard Branson does not prove that all of the rich are deserving.
Yes and no. Yeah the rich person's son doesn't have to interview for his VP job, and you are de-facto a serious presidential candidate for no other qualification than having the same name as a previous president. But if you take two average people born in the same situation, one of them works hard and the other does not, the one that works hard will probably have the better job.
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