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Re: why is s6 > s7 ?

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Hi all,

Perhaps a stupid question, but can anyone explain to me why TNG 's 6th season is regarded by many as the best of TNG overall, and the 7th season as inferior, having 'run out of steam', or whatever ?
I've always thought that the 'pound for pound' best quality season was 4. It always felt to me as though they really hit their stride in season 3, & rode that peek into season 5, & then there was more difficulty in being creative

In hindsight I'm pretty lenient though, there's maybe only 2 or 3 episodes in any given season that I truly dislike

S1 Code of Honor, When the Bough Breaks & Angel One
S2 Manhunt & Shades of Gray
S3 The Bonding & Menage a Troi
S4 Suddenly Human & The Loss
S5 Imaginary Friend & Cost Of Living
S6 Aquiel & Fistful Of Datas
S7 Eye of The Beholder & Sub Rosa

Those are really the only ones & can't sit through
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