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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

I agree that in the third season the dysfunction got a little out of hand.

But frankly I think "I watch for ENTERTAINMENT IT IS NOT ENTERTAINING" is the poorest criticism ever invented. Escapism is one of the purposes of television but not the only purpose, and it's not the job of TV writers just to cater to your personal preferences.

I also think "It does not have likable characters" is a poor criticism. Most TV shows have characters so gushingly likable it's borderline manipulation. Okay, so BSG wandered a bit too far in the other extreme after the New Caprica arc. Characters who were likable at the beginning like Cally and Tyrol migrated in the direction of just being irritated all the time. But if you can't find a person likable who isn't a perfect specimen of humanism when they're in a desperate situation, then well, you probably hate about 95% of the human race. I still liked most of the lead characters by the end, and the ones I didn't like such as Tigh I always found entertaining.

As for Moore's Star Trek work, when I look through the episodes he wrote I'm far more impressed by his TNG resume than his DS9 one. It seemed like he was just spearheading all the klingon episodes and some of the crappy holodeck ones.

But if you look at his TNG resume: The Defector, Yesterday's Enterprise, Sins of the Father, Family, Reunion, Redemption, Disaster, The Next Phase, Chain of Command Part I, Tapestry, Gambie Part II, The Pegasus, All Good Things. A lot of the best episodes in the series have his name in the writing credits.

I will say, yes, it looks like most of the best DS9 eps go to Behr, Echevarria, Biemler, Wolfe, and Fields.

Caprica's problems had more to do with the fact that the characters had less justifiable reasons to be terrorists and the complete and utter lack of plot direction.
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