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Re: Most hated conversations

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My grandma has a habit of always telling me about her friends, none of whom I know. She goes into great detail. Over Christmas she told me that 'Eloise is in rehab,' and I replied 'drugs, or alcohol?' and I think that must've offended her. Renegade points! But any conversation with her ends up being some detailed reports on which of her UPenn classmates will be coming to the reunion in July, or some letter she got from someone she knew 50 years ago. It wouldn't be so bad except that she can talk about these people for hours on end, and there's no escape.
One of my aunts keeps my dad on the phone for hours talking about supposed old friends of his whom he doesn't even remember. My aunt thinks of herself as the matriarch of their home town, and knows exactly who's related to whom regarding her own generation (she's 88). I can remember her sending newspaper clippings of obituaries to my parents, and my father constantly had to ask my mother who those people in the obits were. Sometimes my mother would know, but often it remained a mystery. This aunt had a terrible habit of dragging me and any other unsuspecting nieces and nephews (she's childless) to really obscure, distant relatives. It was awkward, embarrassing, and very tedious.
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