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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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The Big Bang's gonna have a huge riff on Star Trek tomorrow... The Next Generation, that is.

Can we call it a tie?
If we can, then it's admitting I'm right when I say audiences have an appetite for Trek without Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Hence why a new crew in a new era was the best idea, rather than making it some misty eyed nostalgia caricature .
Here's the thing. Everything old is new again. The fact that Kirk and Spock are known, if hazily, among the general public after 40 plus years made it the logical choice for a reboot of the movie franchise, especially after the box office turd that was Nemesis (which I saw 4 times).

I missed Seth McFarlane of course...

On the small screen, one sitcom is remembering TNG. If memory serves--not a sure thing--other serials have been throwing in general Star Trek references more from TOS. In the end, I'm just happy both are being remembered, but TOS is overall (IMO) the bigger cultural icon than TNG.
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