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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

One minor (well, pretty fracking major) alteration in canon, folks. I got to looking at those images of the Valkyrie-class again. And folks are right; well she has a LOT of guns, they are pretty much smaller than those on Galactica and Pegasus. But then I saw this image:

Valkyrie image bow

See those six black dots, three each to the right and left of her nose? I said to myself, Arminas, damn, if those don't look like old fashioned torpedo tubes. So, that's what they are. Not wet-navy torps, of course, but horizontal missile launchers for anti-ship missiles. Her dorsal silos carry the big MIRV ground attack missiles, but those front tubes can be reloaded.

Ah, I can feel the smiles already. Yep, that gives her one great big fracking punch to forward . . . enough to rival a Mercury-class and that is if she doesn't launch nuclear-tipped missiles from those tubes.

Anyway, that is why the story had that brief scene in the missile loading bay; it was for those tubes.

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