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Acting often seems to be one of those things that's very much in the eye of the beholder. I, for example, am always astonished whenever someone claims that Tennant can act - I think he's dreadful, with all that bug-eyed, manic flapping about. But to each their own.
Tennant isn't a very good actor and gets by a lot on his looks to be sure, but a lot of the blame for the OTT-ness lies with Russell T. Davies.

RTD pretty much assassinated Tennant's reputation and legacy in fandom with the 2009 specials.
In 2007, the Doctor Who community had pretty much universally embraced David Tennant the way Matt Smith has been embraced now with many "Best Doctor ever!" and certainly while there were people who didn't like him (always gonna happen), the general fan opinion was positive. By the 2009 specials, despite the general liking of Waters of Mars, pretty much soured Ten for a laaarge portion of the fanbase by twisting his attributes into an over-the-top parody of the RTD/Tennant Doctor with the absolute catrastrophe named The End of Time finishing it off. The fact that the immediate next story had both a) an intelligent, well-written story, and b) a new Doctor who emphasized more old-fashioned attributes than "ooh, sexy cry" didn't help. A lot of people completely abandoned that era in a way they wouldn't have if Series 3 had ended RTD/Tennant's run. It became too bloated by the end.

I am aware that in the UK, Tennant pretty much still reigns supreme, but that's because he's a front page celebrity there in a way he isn't in the US. Here in the States among people I know, the Tennant era is mainly thought of in regards to being the "old" series that introduced the Weeping Angels in Blink and River Song in Silence in the Library for the much preferred Matt Smith here.
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