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Re: eBook prices getting stupid

Wereghost wrote: View Post
If I had to guess, I'd say that Trek books appeal to an increasingly select market and the sellers have to increase the price in order to make their money back, knowing that Trek fans will pay the extra, however reluctantly.

JoeZhang wrote: View Post
It is because those are rare editions - hard to duplicate the electrons.
+1. It's the overheads.
It's nothing to do with overhead. It's what ATimson said.

ATimson wrote: View Post
It looks to me like these are all titles whose mass-market edition is out-of-print, and S&S is tying the ebook price to their print-on-demand edition instead.
The thing is, all this is going to do is drive away customers. People aren't going to pay that much for eBooks that old. And yes, they might turn to the dark side to find them. The people in charge at S&S who decided to tie the eBook prices t the print-on-demand prices should be fired. This is going to hurt the Trek line big time for people who are newish to Trek books. They'll see these stupid prices and not bother.
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