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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I accept though, that a large portion of this section seemed genuinely excited that fucking Khan was coming back so I won't be on the same page as a lot of people. Or even the same book.
Well, it's probably safe to say that, where TOS is concerned, I'm definitely on a different book . . .
That's a great cover. I asked Kurt Busiek once how much input he has on covers, he said "None really. Nor do I really care all that much"

How much do you have?
Typically, the author has very little, especially where media tie-in books are concerned. That's something that the publisher and the licensor generally handle between themselves. I saw my (very snazzy) new cover for the first time just a few weeks before everyone else did.

(My editor gave me sneak peek over the holidays.)

Glad you like it. I couldn't resist showing it off. Plus, just to stay OT, I thought it did a good job of illustrating the continuing popularity and spirit of TOS . . . .
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