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Re: Worst Voyager race: Farengi

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I have forgotten Inside Man. I can't remember a thing about it

False Profits I like just fine. I am always impressed by how profit is so deeply critical to Ferengi beliefs and identity that they are willing to give up everything they ever knew just to amass profit in a place they can't spend it. Just to sit on it. Never see Ferenginar again or their families but to be HAPPY, super super happy because they have profit. They don't even get to gloat about it to other people.

Not too impressed with the dumbass star trek villagers but they are in every series, always the same.
I don't think it's the premise that's the major issue here so much. It's more the two dimensional-ness of it.

First, no way they should have done the "We can get home now! Oops, sorry, our morality screws us over again." That was just plain awful.

I would have liked to see the episode play out more than that last Maybourne episode in Stargate. That the planet realized they were not Gods and were exploiting them, but also realized that their economy was much better off and they had advanced more in the last few years than the previous few centuries. So maybe they let the ferengi stay, but as equal competitors instead of superiors. And I would have the ferengi be able to spin their tongue as well as Quark could and advocate his position instead of just snarling off how awesome profit is.

The way the villagers were written, I imagine one year after the ferengi left, the whole population went extinct due to a series of minor accidents. Somebody falls off a building, somebody sticks their arm in a wood chipper, somebody climbs into a lion cage. It really would have been more humane to leave the Ferengi as their gods. At least the Ferengi could teach them how to dress themselves, and teach them the stove is hot.
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