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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

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I like how the mindset today is that being able to provide for yourself and not mooch off others makes you "privileged"... just shows what direction our society is heading in.
It blows my mind that there are people out there on a good wage, myself included at the moment, who protest against a rise in tax because money is needed to help people who are less well off than me, couldn't otherwise afford medical care etc.

Seriously, what could you need MORE money for? It blows my mind when people on incomes in the hundreds of thousands want more.
It blows my mind that people consider being successful a vice. That we villify the people that make something of themselves because they work hard and have "more" than someone else. We should celebrate everyone being successful and the great country we have that lets them do that.

But this constant call to tax and punish the rich? What is that even about? Just people pointing their finger at someone else as if they're to blame for their lot in life.
The majority of the 'rich' are not that way because they work particularly hard. Wealth tends to generate more wealth, little effort involved. The notion that the rich are rich because they deserve it is often a way of justifying privilege and inequality. Pointing at a self made milionnaire (and coincidentally a great employer) like Richard Branson does not prove that all of the rich are deserving.

With power comes responsibility - how many employers genuinely care about their staff and make efforts to pay them as much as the business can afford ? Too many times the 'American Dream" looks like little more than a desire to be the exploiter rather than the exploited.

If you don't force the rich to contribute, most won't.
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